i have a friend

We met at Santa Pub Crawl, in I think 2007?

                                                                                     She was good friends with Taylor….





Who I knew through my great friend Kristen!

I remember Taylor saying that Jillian and I should be friends. And just like that, we became inseparable. I’m sure it started like any other friends who are getting to know each other, but for as long as I can remember, she’s been my person.

Jillian has been the friend that everyone wishes they had. She was the first person with whom I could be vulnerable with. And because of her tremendous amounts of love, affirmed that being open doesn’t make people run. She was by my side during the toughest year of my life, and her friendship and love never waivered during my falling apart.

Jillian talked me through difficult heart break. When I told her I was fine, she showed up at my door because she knew otherwise. She told me that not only would I love again, but I would love someone who loved me back. And she forced me to listen to words of love and worth when I deemed myself otherwise.

She has been by my side through almost every beer festival in Atlanta, and sunsets in Colorado. We share a love of music and words. A love of travel and experiences. A love of food. We know what type of engagement ring the other wants. And she is one of those friends that we can sit anywhere for hours with nothing more than a glass (read: bottle) of wine and be content.

She is the friend that tells me that her days are better because I’m in them.

I can not imagine what my days look like without her in them. And quite frankly, I don’t want to start now. Words will never do our friendship justice, but hopefully this picture montage will help!






I love you,  my dear.

ps – Special thanks to Taylor for introducing us!

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One Response to i have a friend

  1. My heart overflows with honor after reading this post. Thank you for such kindness, such thoughtfulness, and such loveliness as you have given me with your words in this post. You have my heart, Amanda Brown!

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